Jesus “Jesse” Vazquez is the Founder and President of J.A.N. Consulting Group, Inc. Jesse has owned and operated several high volume restaurants, as well as, guided aspiring entrepreneurs in realizing their dreams of opening their own successful businesses. He has counseled an array of industry professionals on leadership and improving operational and financial performance. Jesse is an accomplished, resourceful and versatile Business Executive with 30+ years of experience in multi-unit business operations, leadership development, high performance team coaching, research processes, and the hiring and training of staff for the successful management of high-visibility, high-volume business operations. Vazquez coordinated the Culinary Arts program and the Hospitality Management program at the Miami Culinary Institute of Miami Dade College for six years. He was the Owner Operator of CHICKEN KITCHEN RESTAURANTS, Miami, FL for eight years where he expanded the brand to new levels and increasing market share. He served for 13 years as the Senior Operations Consultant at McDONALD’S CORPORATION. He received an Ed.D. degree in Leadership and Management from SAINT THOMAS University, an MBA in Finance and a BS Economics/Finance from BARRY University, Andreas School of Business. Jesse has been a featured contributor on several Miami Herald articles, radio, and podcast shows relating to the Foodservice Industry and is a recognized motivational speaker and presenter.